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We hear endless stories about the entangled politics of the railway, the latest strategic 'vision' and those boardroom suits who earn toe-curling bonuses.

But there are real people at the heart of our industry, making it function. This page brings together stories about those who work on or near the line.

Previous stories
August 2016
"Hopelessly inaccurate"
3rd August 2016 (SHP)
Network Rail has been fined £130,000 after a worker received a 25,000 volt electric shock during repairs to overhead line equipment, partly as a result of documentation errors.
One second from death
1st August 2016 (Construction Index)
It has emerged that a Network Rail employee was involved in a near miss when he only just managed to jump clear of an oncoming train at the last second.
July 2016
Suicide verdict at trackworker inquest
14th July 2016 (Express & Star)
An inquest has found that Network Rail worker Nigel Jacques, a father of three, committed suicide by stepping in front of a nine-car Pendolino inside Shugborough Tunnel.
February 2016
Worker injured at quarry facility
18th February 2016 (Leicester Mercury)
Passengers were left in shock and a rail worker was hurt after a train smashed into quarry equipment hanging over the Midland Main Line.
Trapped worker prompts fine
5th February 2016 (BBC News)
Babcock has been fined £400,000 after a worker got trapped between an excavator and a station platform in Flintshire.
January 2016
COSS cleared in fatality case
25th January 2016 (Newark Advertiser)
David Millward, who was accused of failing to take reasonable care after one of his colleagues was killed by a train, has been found not guilty at Nottingham Crown Court.
COSS prosecuted over colleague death
18th January 2016 (Newark Advertiser)
A rail worker in charge of safety was not present when John Wright was struck and killed by a train at Newark, a court has heard.
Company fined over trackworker death
11th January 2016 (BBC News)
Carillion has been fined £200,000 over the death of Scott Dobson, a track maintenance team leader who was hit by a train in Lincolnshire in December 2012.
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