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We hear endless stories about the entangled politics of the railway, the latest strategic 'vision' and those boardroom suits who earn toe-curling bonuses.

But there are real people at the heart of our industry, making it function. This page brings together stories about those who work on or near the line.

Previous stories
Workers' fears over excrement spray
19th December 2013 (BBC News)
Rail workers are being sprayed by human urine and faeces from passing Greater Anglia trains, putting their health at risk.
Serious burns to trackworker
5th November 2013 (Staffordshire Newsletter)
A 29-year-old rail worker from Chorley has suffered serious burns after coming into contact with overhead power lines near Stafford Station.
Wrong place, wrong time
29th October 2013 (The Star)
A Doncaster rail worker killed by a train was standing in the wrong place to do his job of supervising a work gang’s safety, an inquiry has found.
Hero worker is reinstated
10th September 2013 (The Guardian)
A railway worker who was suspended after helping to rescue a wheelchair-bound pensioner who fell on to tracks has been reinstated.
Fatality results in fine
10th September 2013 (BBC News)
Network Rail has been fined £125,000 after a pattern of "poor" health and safety compliance which led to the death of one of its workers.
Fury over hero's suspension
5th September 2013 (The Independent)
A railway worker who rescued a disabled woman after she fell onto train tracks in Essex has been suspended for breaking health and safety rules.
Tribute to crash victim
25th June 2013 (Sheffield Star)
A mother has paid tribute to her son - one of two rail welders who died when their van caught fire after it collided with a lorry on the A1 near Newark.
Rail worker hurt by runaway
14th May 2013 (BBC News)
A maintenance worker has been seriously injured after a runaway road-rail vehicle crashed into scaffolding near Glasgow Queen Street Station.
Lucky to be alive
28th March 2013 (The Sun)
A railway worker cheated death after being hit by an express train as he acted as lookout for a maintenance team at West Drayton.
Network Rail worker held over cable theft
27th March 2013 (BBC News)
A 41-year-old Network Rail employee has been arrested in Sunderland by police investigating cable thefts.
Poor planning caused trackworker injury
1st March 2013 (Safety & Health Practitioner)
Network Rail has been fined £100,000 following for breaches of health and safety law which resulted in the serious injury of a maintenance worker.
Prosecution over rail worker death
19th February 2013 (Essex Chronicle)
Network Rail is due to stand trial over the death of Malcolm Slater who fell 15ft onto the track after the basket of a MEWP separated from its arm.
Plank on the line
8th February 2013 (The Sun)
A rail worker has been branded an idiot after being photographed lying across a track and then posting the image on Facebook.
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