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Few people had more practical knowledge of life on the railway than Ron Dunnabie. S&T equipment across the north-east enjoyed his ministrations for almost 50 years. But behind-the-scenes, he was a champion for his colleagues both as a union rep and a rare real-world voice on the now-defunct Track Safety Strategy Group. Click here to read more about him.

In retirement Ron still had robust views on trackworker safety which he shared with the world through this website. His greatest bugbear was the decline of the safe cess. As you'll discover, it was a recurring theme on his trackside adventures.
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Visit the real world on Ron's no-nonsense platform!
Cess gallery...
Savour some great cess sights or send us one of yours.
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Tonight's must-see TV for trackworkers.
Jungle Ron is sponsored by Pathclear 'Pump n Go' Weedkiller and appears on this site courtesy of the Victor Meldrew Home for the Terminally Exasperated.
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