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We hear endless stories about the entangled politics of the railway, the latest strategic 'vision' and those boardroom suits who earn toe-curling bonuses.

But there are real people at the heart of our industry, making it function. This page brings together stories about those who work on or near the line.

Previous stories
Drunk on duty
4th November 2011 (Daily Mail)
A court has heard that a level crossing keeper was so drunk on duty that he could not be woken up.

Engineer breaks down at inquest
1st November 2011 (BBC News)
A Network Rail engineer broke down in tears as he told an inquest he forgot to inspect the points which caused the Grayrigg train crash in Cumbria.
Trolley sacking man withdraws case
1st November 2011 (BBC News)
A rail worker who said he was sacked for going onto the line to remove a shopping trolley has withdrawn his claim of unfair dismissal.

Signalman to face court
17th August 2011 (BBC News)
Network Rail and a 41-year-old signalman are to be prosecuted over the death of a woman hit by a train at a level crossing in Herefordshire.

Rail worker dies in fireball crash
8th July 2011 (Inverness Courier)
John McInnes, a long-serving Inverness trackworker, has been killed when the Network Rail van he was travelling in was engulfed in flames following a collision.

Rail worker hit by Gatwick Express
12th June 2011 (Metro)
A railway worker in his 30s was fighting for his life with multiple injuries after he was struck by a high-speed train.
Memorial unveiled to trackworker
27th May 2011 (BBC News)
A memorial garden dedicated to a Leeds railway worker, who died when he was hit by a train, has been unveiled.

Trolley sacking campaign heads to Parliament
25th May 2011 (BBC News)
A campaign to reinstate a rail worker who said he was dismissed for going onto the line to remove a shopping trolley is to be taken to Parliament.
'Fear' led to low RIDDOR reporting
25th January 2011 (BBC News)
Hundreds of accidents at Network Rail were never reported because staff felt under pressure to keep the numbers down, an independent review has found.
Rail worker critically injured
15th January 2011 (Cambridge News)
A railwayman is fighting for his life after being struck by a slow-moving train in Cambridge.

Sacked for whistle-blowing?
7th January 2011 (Newcastle Chronicle)
Safety fears about Newcastle's Metro led to a whistleblower being forced from his job, he has claimed at a tribunal.
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