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Good communication links are the key to success. We were told that recently by a TalkTalk account handler who rang us from New Delhi. But DBHS is already well-served by technology, having recently invested in a multi-million pound upgrade to our morse code facility. On completion in 2026, it will be the portal through which all our urgent missives are channelled. Leading the project are the Executive Director, Triple Dutch Division and the Senior Pigeon English Retention Agent, both of whom are fluent in binary coding.

As an interim measure, DBHS intends to fulfil its contractual obligations to Window Dressing PLC - owner of the operational infrastructure - by delivering its safety bulletins through this new web page. Here we will post news of important procedural changes, translated into a variety of appropriate regional dialects including Home Counties, Chiswick Set and Tonbridge Tongue.
XS01: Boiling the kettle (151kB) 001: New HV & PPE policy
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