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Near miss due to lack of clear understanding

At 1035 on Sunday 5th July, a Purley-Charing Cross train was routed through a T12 blockage of the Up London Bridge Fast line in the Windmill Bridge/Norwood Junction area, resulting in a near miss with a group of trackworkers who were working under a 'red zone' safe system. The train was crossing from the Up Fast to the Up Slow to avoid the T12.

Norwood Junction Station
Photo: Flierfy

The driver reported that he saw a group of trackworkers who he thought were on the Up Slow line. He sounded the train's horn but the gang did not acknowledge. The driver was already braking for a yellow signal but braked further when he realised that they were actually on his line.

One member of the group apparently dived into the path of an oncoming FCC service which was forced to brake. The man managed to scamble clear. All were badly shaken by the incident.

Network Rail advised that the driver did not report the incident as a near miss but, after reports were received, he was contacted by the signaller and confirmed that he could continue. However a TOC Manager, who was sent to meet the driver at London Bridge for 'chain of care' purposes, decided to send him home as he was physically shaking.

It is understood that the incident was caused by a failure on the part of the signaller to advise his relief that a T12 had been granted when he handed over for a break. The route had not been collared as a reminder.

Network Rail arranged for the two signallers to be D&A screened. It was later advised that the signallers on Panels 1A and 1B at the controlling ASC had not come to a clear understanding over the T12 which affected both their sections. According to the Weekly Operating Notice, a T2H should have been taken but it is understood that the signaller deemed the arrangements not to be safe.

Story added 9th July 2009

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