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Accident at South Beach

Investigations are continuing after a trackworker came into contact with live overhead line equipment during planned work at Ardrossan South Beach Station on 16th November, sustaining serious injuries.

A Class 334 arrives beneath the wires at Ardrossan South Beach Station
Photo: R P Marks

Although isolations had been arranged on sections of both lines at the site, it is believed that the limits of the isolation were staggered and the accident occurred at a point where parts of the electrification equipment were still live.

In a safety bulletin, Network Rail has advised employees to challenge planned isolation arrangements if they involve staggered DEP (designated earthing point) locations. Where staggered limits are unavoidable, this must be detailed in the 'electrical hazards' section of the Isolation Details Form and positively acknowledged by the respective parties at all stages of the isolation process.

Story added 23rd November 2009

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