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Well done yo'all

Hi there you guys.

We are two ladies from the deep south of the US of A and have been touring around Britain by train. While we were in Manchester, a fellow traveller showed us your websites. We have very much enjoyed our trip and reading your articles about UK railways so we thought of you when we had some comments to pass on about the displays of wild flowers on the lineside.

A beautiful display of Buddleia, hanging from the overhead line equipment at New Barnet.
Photo: jovike

Our first accolade is for the fantastic Buddleia show alongside the tracks for the last few miles as we approached London from the north. Spectacular is the only word to compliment the huge blooms, the likes of which we have never seen before. And most certainly bigger than anything we have in the States.

Mile upon mile of plants, some in excess of 20 feet high, with the most enormous flower heads - the weight of them being so great that they hang down to brush the side of the train. That’s an added attraction. And we were really impressed to see the piles of old sleepers which will presumably be arranged to hold flower beds. We understand you have trains that spray fertiliser onto them as they pass. Very clever.

A fabulous entry to the Ardsley Tunnel Flower Show.

We must also praise the platform ends at little old York Station. It was obvious that the block paving had only recently been renewed but we marvelled at the ingenious way that weeds had been planted in the cracks between the blocks - their greens and yellows blending delightfully with the terracotta of the paving to produce a cavalcade of colours which were unsurpassed on our travels.

...we marvelled at the ingenious way that weeds had been planted in the cracks between the blocks...

We went on to travel though Europe but found nothing to compare with what you have on your country’s railways. We took some photos and will ask our cousin Billy Bob Rascal Snr III to send them to you.

Our only wish is that those nasty men with strimmers don’t come along and spoil the display before we return in a couple of years. Well done to your railways for making our journey so very enjoyable.


Daisy May and Harper Lee Radley
Martin Luther King Lane
West Blocton
Bibb County

Story added 1st September 2010

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