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I've been racking my brain for a new track safety initiative. After spending several weeks in the think-tank, I'm ready to announce the follow-up to RIMINI. Known as VISTA (Visual Indication of Scrap Total Amounts), it's a project to identify and record lineside scrap.

Teams of auditors will be recruited to scour the network for redundant materials. When found, the total amount in each collection will be calculated and a visual indicator displayed at the site to inform COSSs of the hazard.

Trials of the scheme are getting underway in the North-West. In the example shown below (at Ribblehead on the Settle-Carlisle), the scrap pieces total 60. Further periodic audits are then programmed and the sign will be changed if the total has increased by five or more.

The West Coast upgrade has generated huge amounts of scrap and managers here want to fully embrace the scheme. Their signs also include a likely 'remove-by' date. This site at Wilmslow has 60 pieces of scrap rail which are due to be removed in 2075.

When 125 is reached, a collection will be deemed permanent and an entry generated in the local Hazard Directory. T12 line blockages should then be made available for trackworkers requiring access through the area

If successful, VISTA will be rolled out across the network over the coming months.

Future enhancements to the scheme are likely to include:

  • recruitment of planners to produce VISTA packs, make tea and stock shelves in local depots

  • VISTA planners training course to educate new recruits about cesses and their former role in track safety

  • an online Audit Request for Scrap Estimation (ARSE) process, enabling COSSs to alert local auditors of new or growing scrap stockpiles

  • Monthly Evaluation of Scrap in Situ (MESS) working group, hosted by RSSB at Belvoir (pronounced 'we've got a budget and we're going to spend it') Castle

  • research programme into long-term lineside scrap and its possible role in promoting a sustainable wildlife habitat.

The likely annual cost of VISTA is £8.7million.

I'm sure trackworkers will agree this as a small price to pay for keeping lots of middle managers gainfully employed.
I'm sure trackworkers will agree this is a small price to pay for keeping lots of middle managers gamefully employed.

A suggestion that all the scrap could be removed and the cess restored within VISTA's 2006/7 budget was not supported as it did not comply with the new JFTB ('Jobs for the Boys') protocol.

Story added 1st October 2006

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