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'Sorry' used to mean something

In effect, as a pensioner, I work for the government so I take it that means I can have more than one abode. So I am thinking of buying an old p-way hut on a long-abandoned line and designating it as my second home. I will then have a large extension built, electricity and gas connected, a gardener employed, lots of new furniture and possibly a moat. Maybe then I will find an old signal box and do that up. Yes, I will become a flipper - I will flip.

Jungle intends to acquire this old p-way hut and renovate it as his second home.

He will then 'flip' his allowances and convert Belah's disused signal box into a plush abode.

I do realise that, if I am found out and public opinion is against me, I will have to appear on YouTube and repeat “I am sorry” three times. This will ensure that I am forgiven, not taken to court or forced to pay back any money.

Over the past few weeks, we have heard every conceivable excuse coming from our Parliamentarians as to why they have each been fleecing the British taxpayer out of tens of thousands of pounds.

...we have heard every conceivable to why they have each been fleecing the British taxpayer out of tens of thousands of pounds.

MPs claim an error of judgement; MPs claim that they did not understand the rules; MPs claim they were too busy; MPs claim that they just made an honest mistake. “Honest” - how did that word creep in there?

So if a displaced MP comes to work in your area, don’t let them COSS or lookout for you as, on the above evidence, they do not pass the criteria.

Earning a fraction of the financial package enjoyed by MPs, all our COSSs and lookouts must have good judgement, understand the rules and make no mistakes. People’s lives depend on it.

Story added 1st June 2009

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