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Judgement call

The RMT has given Network Rail both barrels for apparently arranging a board meeting in the "five-star opulence" of London's Langham Hotel. One of the items on the agenda is likely to be the 1,400+ job cuts amongst the company's maintenance staff.

The Langham's delights, "offering impeccably luxurious surroundings on Regent Street".

No comment yet from Network Rail but, if it's true, this is a real kick in the teeth for those awaiting their redundancy notices and an appaling error of judgement in the circumstances. Surely there's a suitable room in NR's HQ building?

Bob Crow has not been slow in coming forward. "While 1500 emergency track maintenance staff face the prospect of being slung on the dole this Christmas, their Network Rail bosses are strutting around in the five-star luxury of the Langham Hotel...Our members are furious and will not take this insult without a real fight."

Network Rail bosses are strutting around in five-star luxury...

Presumably, the meeting organiser is now having their foot treated for self-inflicted bullet wounds!

Story from The Safety Valve, added 1st December 2009

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