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In memory of...

'Jungle' Ron

...who passed away in September 2014.
Union activist, safety campaigner and
friend to every railway trackworker.
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Red Tape...
Freedom of movement ban
Angry parents claim health and safety has 'gone mad' at Hillfort Primary School in Liskeard banned children from running in the playground.
Beading ridiculous
A mother was left furious after her five-year-old daughter was put into isolation by teachers at her school for having beads in her hair.
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On The Line...
"Hopelessly inaccurate"
Network Rail has been fined £130,000 after a worker received a 25,000 volt electric shock during repairs to overhead line equipment, partly as a result of documentation errors.
One second from death
It has emerged that a Network Rail employee was involved in a near miss when he only just managed to jump clear of an oncoming train at the last second.
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You have taken a great risk by entering 'Death by Health and Safety' without written authority.

To demonstrate our commitment to frontline staff welfare, our Standards Committees have commissioned research, written action statements and crafted risk modelling tools. Three full South American rainforests have been sacrificed. Admire the fine words and glossy pictures by exploring our Treacle Factory section.

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Jungle Ron
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Please note that site rules must be complied with at all times (unless they are managerially inconvenient). Look up every five seconds in case a Health & Safety Inspector is approaching. If a warning is given, invent an implausible excuse to justify your actions.
Mixed messages...
Independent research told RAIB that it is "rated poorly on the length of time it takes to produce final reports."

Why did it feel the need to distort that
finding in its Annual Report?

After £500,000 worth of research revealed that passengers like their trains to run on time, RSSB has commissioned three more research programmes with the aim of providing definitive answers to ages-old questions -

Ref No
Project Title
£610K + expenses
Can MPs be trusted?
Is the Pope Catholic?
Do bears shit in the woods?
This is how long we've had to wait for RAIB to publish reports
into these incidents related to engineering/trackworkers:
Irregularity: Cardiff East
Near miss: Camden South Jnc
Runaway: Hope
Click here to admire RAIB's parade of paralysis.
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